We want to feature your writing on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’re calling this #illuminatedstories and it’s all about freewriting and learning how to get out what is on your mind. Here you’ll find the form to fill out to submit your freewrite. Please note: this does not need to be based on a theme, but it does need to be based in non-fiction. Write about what’s on your mind, an observation around you, thoughts rattling around on your head. It’s all up to YOU. We will be showcasing your freewriting a couple of times a month, and will be publishing them in the order they are received. This is a great chance to get your writing featured and we can’t wait to share your words.

To get your ideas flowing, here are some examples of what you could write about:

  • A conversation you had with your partner, friend, child

  • Thoughts you had after listening to a podcast episode

  • A reflection on mothering

  • An interaction with a stranger

  • The first thought you had when you opened your eyes this morning

  • A smell that evokes a happy memory