Welcome to illuminate!

We are so excited that you’ve decided to invest in yourself and your skills as a writer. If there’s one thing we believe in, it’s the power of words. Never underestimate what you can do, or how powerful what you have to say is. We believe in you, and we can’t wait to help you along in your journey.

The best ways to take advantage of your membership…

The most important thing to remember is that this membership only works if YOU SHOW UP. Make space in your life to write. Whether it’s to sit and journal each day, or a dedicated day and time each week, MAKE THE TIME - you are worth it.

  • Have a blog or website to share your writing. This not only holds you a bit accountable to keep writing (don’t make your blog lonely by not writing!), but it also gives you a space to share what you’re working on and connect with others. Also, be sure to send in your link for our Member Directory so we can all follow along with you!

  • Set aside time to write each week. It doesn’t have to be much, but try for at least a few hours each week. Clear your mind and just write. Or, take advantage of our prompts and exercises to get your brain moving.

  • Set aside time each week to check into the forum. You don’t have to check in every day, but the more often you check in, the more you’ll find a sense of community, accountability, and extra inspiration to keep you going.

  • Submit your articles to be considered for blog and/or magazine submissions. We really want to help you get your writing out into the world and this is the best way for us to do that. So whenever we have an opening, submit your ideas!

  • Submit an article monthly for our Expert Review. It’s the best way for us to help you one-on-one to grow in your writing and provide constructive feedback to make your writing the best it can be.

  • Each week in the forum, we’ll post a weekly share thread. This is the chance to share something you’ve written in the past week that we can then link to in the monthly H&L newsletters and on social media. This is to get more eyes on your work!

  • Participate in our biannual digital publication that is free to view and an excellent addition to your portfolio.

Frequently asked questions…

  1. How often can I submit an article for review? You can submit one article monthly. If you submit more than one, only your first article will be reviewed, the others will be deleted.

  2. Who will review my article? Your article will be reviewed by either Sarah (Editor in Chief) or Mia (Editorial Manager). The articles are split up amongst us so that we can more quickly review your submission.

  3. How long will it take to receive the feedback from my article? Please allow up to 2 weeks for feedback.

  4. How will I be chosen to be featured in the blog or magazine? When you submit your article for review, there is an option on the submission form where you can indicate if you’d like your writing piece to be considered for sharing on our platform. Sarah and Mia will review and then notify the person who will be featured for that month. Each month brings a new potential opportunity to be featured, so don’t miss out on submitting your piece!

  5. I missed sending in my article for review! Can I roll it over and do 2 articles for the following month? Sadly, no. 1 article per month, no exceptions. So, make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity every month!

  6. When will the free digital magazines with my work be available? Can I get it in print? The digital magazine featuring our member’s work will be available twice yearly - once in March, once in September. You’ll submit the piece you’d like to be featured (no more than 1000 words) two months before the issue is available. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know all about it when it’s time. Sorry, this will only be available in digital in order to keep the cost of membership down.

  7. What do I do if the writing prompts don’t perfectly apply to my life and experiences? Remember that the prompts are not necessarily ready-to-use finished ideas (though, we do try to provide some of those with the writing exercises). But writing prompts are tools that help you uncover your own ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Maybe one particular word or theme will spark some ideas and memories and get you writing. That’s what we’re aiming for. We try to pick themes and prompts that are specific enough to give you some direction, but also general enough to apply to most people’s lives in some way.

  8. What if I want to cancel my membership? We’ll cry sad, sad tears. But never fear, you can cancel at any time and we’ll still love you. Simply click your name in the top right corner of the screen (where you log into the membership site), click “My Profile” in the box that pops up, and at the bottom of the screen you’ll have the option to cancel. If you have any trouble with this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah at editor@hollandlanemag.com.