My Body and Me: A Poem

One woman’s ode to her body and self love through poetry. Read more at

Words by Jenni Cannariato

Oh, body.

You’ve been on this earth close to
11,000 days,
From a wrinkly infant
To an energetic child
To an awkward preteen
To a fully embodied woman.

You’ve run five half-marathons
Hiked mountains,
Acclimated to high altitude,
To humidity.
To mid-west winters,
To a land with less sun.

You’ve gained and lost
The same ten pounds
Countless times.
Been stuffed too full,
Denied food too long.
Been listened to well,
Been totally ignored.

Oh, body.

You’ve been healthy and sick
Disabled and strong.
Everything in between.
Grown a baby,
Grown a brain tumor.
Brought delight and pleasure,
Brought sadness and pain.

Oh, body.

My richest, rarest castle.
My smallest, darkest cage.

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About the Author:

When Jenni isn’t writing, editing, or gulping down the words of another great story, she can be found chasing her toddler, loving on her husband, stretching it out on a yoga mat, or hiking through the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest. Her friendship can always be won with a good cup of coffee, some quality time and deep conversation, or a square of dark chocolate - preferably all three. Learn more here.