Stop Living in Fear

I made a promise to myself that I would try to live as fully and truthfully as I possibly could. Read more at

Words by Robin Horner

I think my writer’s block is fear.

It’s becoming one of those days where thinking about what to write, and rereading things I’ve already written, fills my head with a sort of melancholy that makes me feel so tired of even trying. For some reason my own writing makes me feel like going to bed, hiding my head under the blanket, and turning off my brain. Forcefully numbing myself with social media or Netflix. I don’t know why this is. Maybe because confronting all the things I hold inside of me is frightening. It’s easier and more comfortable not to take things out and examine them. Easier and more comfortable to try and live at a surface level, where everything is fine, even though I know I’m always going to be unhappy at my core as long as I keep ignoring how things make me feel.

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About the Author:

Robin is a traveler who writes to feel at home. A collector of words, rocks, and seashells, Robin understands herself through writing. She lives deeply and can often be found up a mountain or down by the sea.