Member Feature: Laci Hoyt

Editor's note: Each month we'll be featuring a member of the illuminate community so that we can all get to know our writers better. We're excited to "meet" all of you and cheer you on with your writing goals. Give a warm welcome to Laci, our featured member this month.


Who I Am:

I am a wife and mother to two teenagers living in upstate NY. I love knitting, crocheting, sewing and making in just about every form I've ever tried, along with taking photographs of nature. Last year I opened an Etsy shop where I sell things that I make. This was a huge dream of mine that I thought might never come true, so I'm proud to say that I am a Small Business Owner!

My second big dream is to write. I have been working on the craft of writing since I was an insomniac in high school. I often wrote poetry at night when I couldn't sleep and that's when I realized how therapeutic writing is for me. I majored in English in college and got minors in Creative Writing and Psychology.

Making, writing, and studying people are basically all of my biggest interests and loves in life.

What I Write About:

I mostly write about living with chronic illness right now but I also write about relationships and any other things I just can't get out of my head. I absolutely love writing personal essays.

My Favorite Piece of Writing By Me:

Here is an excerpt from "Desperately Seeking Sam” (click here to read the whole post):

I want so badly to write about depression right now because that's where I'm at but it's hard. It's hard to admit that I'm depressed. It's hard to explain why I'm depressed and everyone always wants to know why. It's hard to trust that people will listen or that they won't try to fix me or fix the situation or correct all of my "wrong" thoughts, or tell me to "just be positive." It's hard to be vulnerable like this when I'm already at my most vulnerable...

But here we are.

I want to be clear about what I've been feeling so here goes:

I'm not exactly feeling apathy. I love knitting and I don't feel indifferent about it right now. I am, however, lacking motivation to do it. And sometimes I start knitting and keep knitting but it doesn't drive away my complete and utter sadness. And that's what I'm feeling more than anything: Sad.

Where You Can Find Me Online:

-On Instagram at: @LiviaTree or @LiviMade
-My blog, HeartStrung:

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