Member Feature: Rebecca Rice

Editor's note: Each month we'll be featuring a member of the illuminate community so that we can all get to know our writers better. We're excited to "meet" all of you and cheer you on with your writing goals. Give a warm welcome to Rebecca, our featured member this month.


Who I Am

Hi, my name is Rebecca. I fell in love with stories as a kid and have never been able to recover. When I'm not writing I can be found baking, perfecting my lawn game skills, and spending time with my favorite people.

What I Write About

I write to seek out womanhood and femininity, truth and vulnerability, and to be a vehicle of encouragement to other young women along the way.

My Favorite Piece of Writing By Me

Here is an excerpt from "What Kind of Woman do I Want to Be?" (click here to read the whole post):

In recent years I have been asking myself, “What kind of woman do you want to be?” At first, I had no idea, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I had a very good idea of the kind of woman I wanted to be.

I was raised to respect the women in the Bible, women who laid their lives down to the Lord. They seemed docile. They lost their luster, their scandal, fire, passion, and risk after being told so many times. I lost sight of the heroic women in search of a moral and lesson.  Mistakenly, I thought shells were whole women. Esther was no more than a gimmick.

Where You Can Find Me Online

On my blog, The Hydrangea Project:

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