Member Feature: Robin Horner

Editor's note: Each month we'll be featuring a member of the illuminate community so that we can all get to know our writers better. We're excited to "meet" all of you and cheer you on with your writing goals. Give a warm welcome to Robin, our featured member this month.


Who I Am:

I’m 23, from a small town in northern Alberta, Canada. I moved to England when I was 18 and I’ve been travelling as much as I can ever since. I’m the most at home by the sea or in the mountains, or singing in my car.

What I Write About:

I write mainly to make sense of my emotions. It’s really just journaling that I sometimes feel is worth sharing. Writing helps me understand and process things that have happened to me and why I feel the way I do. I write poetry a lot, lately a lot more prose.

My Favorite Piece of Writing By Me:

Here is an excerpt from "Stop Living in Fear” (click here to read the whole post):

I think my writer’s block is fear.

It’s becoming one of those days where thinking about what to write, and rereading things I’ve already written, fills my head with a sort of melancholy that makes me feel so tired of even trying. For some reason my own writing makes me feel like going to bed, hiding my head under the blanket, and turning off my brain. Forcefully numbing myself with social media or Netflix. I don’t know why this is. Maybe because confronting all the things I hold inside of me is frightening. It’s easier and more comfortable not to take things out and examine them. Easier and more comfortable to try and live at a surface level, where everything is fine, even though I know I’m always going to be unhappy at my core as long as I keep ignoring how things make me feel.

Where You Can Find Me Online:

-On Instagram at: @robinangelaa
-My blog, Dancing With Dragons:

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