What is illuminate?

illuminate is a monthly writing program dedicated to shining a light on the creative within us all. Yes, ALL of us, you included. We are focused on getting your words out and helping you do what you do best - WRITE.

Who should join illuminate?

  • Anyone who really wants to write, but just isn’t sure what to write about. Our monthly themes, unique prompts, and writing exercises will give you a place to channel your creativity and ensure that you always have writing material.

  • Anyone who wants a second set of eyes on their writing and find themselves asking: Does this make sense? How’s my spelling and grammar? Is this resonating with my reader the way I want it to? Take advantage of our expert review every month to polish your writing.

  • Anyone who is looking for accountability and a supportive writing community. Our members are at various points in their writing journeys, and all ages and skill levels are welcome. We all come together in the Facebook group to cheer each other on and share our hearts and our words. You’ll never be walking alone!

  • Anyone who wants to become published and grow their writing portfolio. Our members have many opportunities to be published through our sister company, Holl & Lane Magazine (and blog), as well as the illuminate biannual digital magazine.

  • Anyone who struggles with self promotion. We get it - it can feel weird sometimes to toot your own writing horn. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll showcase your accomplishments and blog posts and link to your work in our newsletters and platforms. Let’s get more eyes on your stories.

  • Anyone who wants an affordable way to write more. Look, we know that most of us don’t have hundreds and thousands of dollars to drop on writing courses and masterminds. We think writing should be accessible to everyone, so you can join our membership with a low monthly rate and cancel anytime. Seriously, ANY time. Let us help you find your story.

A true life changing community.... it is not often you find a group of people with your same passion for words, especially ones that are changing the world.
— Betsy Grinder, illuminate member since May 2018


Why did we start illuminate?

illuminate came about because of Holl & Lane Magazine. When the magazine first began in 2015, we never imagined the community that would develop because of it. Women from all around the world came to read the stories of our brave writers. And even more surprising, women from all around the world asked to write for us, sharing their innermost journeys, thoughts, and feelings.

Due to our passion for storytelling, we've long wanted to develop a community for writers. But we wanted to be mindful of the type of group we created. We wanted to provide value and substance. To help women be able to share their story, no matter who would read it. And with that, we created illuminate in 2018.

Why are we writing experts?

illuminate was co-founded by Sarah Hartley, editor in chief of Holl & Lane Magazine, and editorial manager, Mia Sutton. [Click here to read our bios.] We have 15 years of combined blogging experience, 8 years of combined editorial and content creation experience, and 19 issues of the magazine under our belts. We’ve helped thousands of writers polish their articles into impactful, insightful stories on the common experiences we share as women. We are, first and foremost, storytellers and lovers of the written word. Encouraging and inspiring writers is what we do every day.

A community where you learn that the idea that you’re not a writer is patently false and you can unleash the creative within.
— Eunice Brownlee, illuminate member since August 2018

What do you get with your membership?

We wanted this to be a one-stop shop for all of your writing needs and as helpful as possible. With your monthly membership, you will receive:

  • A private Facebook community of incredibly supportive, likeminded writers

  • Monthly themes with prompts and exercises to provide you with inspiration in your writing

  • Expert review - submit a piece of writing each month for constructive feedback from founders Sarah and Mia to make it the best it can possibly be

  • Biannual features in our illuminate digital magazine

  • Publishing opportunities through Holl & Lane magazine and blog, as well as on the illuminate blog

  • Inspiring interviews and live sessions with professionals in the writing industry

  • Tips and tricks to help you on your journey

  • Spotlights for you and your writing on our social media channels

How much does it cost?

We have two membership options. You can join our full membership for $17 per month and receive all of the perks listed above. Or, for $7 per month you can join our journal membership and receive our monthly themes, prompts and exercises in eBook format directly in your inbox. We want to provide you with the options that work best for YOUR life. You’re free to cancel anytime.

[illuminate] opens the world to your world through writing.
— Jennifer Moslander, illuminate member since April 2018