Theme: Hope


I have to admit - writing this intro has been really difficult. I’ve tried repeatedly to get my thoughts out and keep scrapping everything I write. Hope is something that is so hard for me to define. For most of my life, I’ve been a cynical, skeptical person. Often believing that things like hope and wishes were a waste of time. I’m impatient - I want to take action, I want to make things happen immediately. I don’t want to wait for someone or something else.

But slowly, little by little, my heart around hope began to change. It’s hard to articulate how that change took place in my life without going into too much personal detail. I know, Mia “The Open Book” Sutton has secrets! Shhh! But I thought I could share the same sentiment with you all in this poem that I wrote. I hope you like it… see what I did there?


Hope is like faith
Sight unseen
Or things in which 
I don't believe

Tired of waiting
For you to see
The desires you're stating
Are nothing but a dream

Get up and do it
Fueled by impatience
Don't wait, go through it
Can't you feel my frustration

Will it really come true
Honestly I'm skeptical
I wish I really knew
Is this change intentional

What is taking place
Inside of my heart
This warm embrace
Is how it starts

Light begins to shine
Eyes closed, I make a wish
I feel it deep on the inside
Hope sealed with a kiss

- Mia Sutton

Writing Exercises

Prompt 1: What does the phrase "hope floats" mean to you?

Prompt 2: What is the one thing you always hope for? What will you do if it never happens? And what will you do if it does?

Prompt 3: “Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper.” ― Francis Bacon. Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?

Exercise 1: Using the photo above as inspiration, write at least 500 words. Come share what you wrote in the illuminate Facebook group.

Exercise 2: Think of hope as a food. Describe what it tastes like. Have fun and get creative with it. Write a recipe for hope. What kind of restaurant serves hope?

Hope Features

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Haiku #3  by: Laci Hoyt

Haiku #3
by: Laci Hoyt

Hope - a poem by: Mia Sutton

Hope - a poem
by: Mia Sutton

Mia Sutton