Theme: Discovery


Cause and effect. You can't have one without the other. It's a relationship as old as time. Something happens in your life. You pause and ponder, "Why did it happen?" Too often, though, we are quick to stop there. The missing piece of the puzzle, perhaps an unwanted third wheel, invites us to ask, "But what does it mean? And what next?" It's the revelation behind it all that ties everything together and pushes us to face the truth, becoming aware of who we are and what our futures hold.

We're excited to see what you discover this month.

Prompt 1: Write about the first time you experienced something. Love, skydiving, ice cream. Whatever it was - how did it feel? What did you do? Why does the memory stick with you?

Prompt 2: Fill in the blank: My name is _____ and the most important thing I've discovered about myself is _____. And then write at least 500 words about it.

Prompt 3: Is there a place you’ve always wanted to travel to? Write about it, and what you’d love to discover there.

Exercise: Go to a public place alone with a notebook. Or stay home and leave the window open or the television on. Describe only what you hear. What conversations are happening? What sounds can you recognize? What can you discover just by observing and listening?

Discovery Features

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Mia Sutton