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When my youngest son was five years old, he said one day, “Mommy, I have something important to tell you.” And then he let out the loudest sneeze ever, “ACHOOO!” I smiled, thinking that was the thing, and started to turn away. But then he shouted, “No. Not that!” And I started giggling because he had the most serious look on his face, worried that I would miss his important point. And then he started giggling too and our faces turned red and our jaws ached and we couldn’t catch our breath. It was such a funny moment for reasons that can’t really be explained. But to this day, every time he sneezes, he looks at me and says, “No. Not that!” And we laugh together every time.

Humor brings us together faster than you can say, “Knock, knock.” It breaks down barriers. Repairs friendships. Defuses arguments. Breaks the ice. Think about the things you find funny. Certain jokes or TV shows or comedians - why is it funny to you? Think about an inside joke you have with your best friend. Why does it make you laugh every time?

Dry humor. Corny humor. Dirty humor. It doesn’t matter what tickles your fancy as long as it brings you joy. We’re really excited to laugh with you this month as you explore what humor means to you. This topic amused us so much that we have extra prompts and writing exercises for you to choose from.

Happy writing!

Mia Sutton


Prompt 1: What makes you laugh? Why?

Prompt 2: How would you describe your sense of humor?

Prompt 3: What's an inside joke that you have with someone else? Does describing it detract from its humor?

Prompt 4: Why do you think laughter is the best medicine?

Prompt 5: “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” From 'The Merchant of Venice' by William Shakespeare. What does that mean to you and your life?

Exercise 1: Write about your funniest memory.

Exercise 2: Write about a sad moment using humor.

Exercise 3: Write 750 words using the photo at the top of the page as inspiration.

Exercise 4: Visit this poem generator and create a silly limerick. Post the limerick to the illuminate forum so we can all have a laugh!

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Mia Sutton