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I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I create a piece of writing. It could be a short poem or a long essay, it could be an Instagram caption or a newsletter - whatever it is, when I'm done, I feel proud. I created it. I brought it into existence with nothing but the power of words.

The feeling I get when someone resonates with a piece of my writing is indescribable. The loneliness I often feel melts away and I feel seen, heard, and appreciated. I feel connected in a pure, human way to the people around me, lighting up the dark with our shared instincts. 

Creating, for me, is the ultimate addiction, but one that is healthy and life-giving. Because I have to keep doing it. If I don't, I feel the emptiness like a phantom pain. Who am I if I'm not a writer? I don't know. I don't want to know. Maybe it will sound silly or egotistical, but I write because I feel like I have to share my thoughts with the world. It doesn't matter if nobody reads it or if they don't care, but it's my responsibility to use this muscle and hone these skills to the best of my ability. 

If it's true that things on the internet last forever, then the writing I create will be my legacy in this world. My children can read about my life before and after they were born. They can know me in a way that I can never say out loud. I cast my emotions in literary amber for them to examine long after I'm gone. And it gives me a sense of comfort to know that my words will live on in the hearts and minds of two little people I love more than anything on this planet. 

If you take away anything from this post, or even this illuminate membership, I hope it's this: KEEP CREATING. Make it a priority in your life (as much as you can). Because it truly is needed in this world. We can never have too much light. 

Mia Sutton


Prompt 1: What makes a person creative? And do you consider yourself to be creative?

Prompt 2: True or False: The more familiar we are with something, the more difficult it is to think creatively about it. Explain your answer.

Prompt 3: Are you more creative when you create alone, or when you collaborate with others? Why do you think that is?

Exercise 1: Look up "create" in a thesaurus. Make a list of its synonyms and antonyms that stand out to you. Then, write a poem/song with as many words from the list as you can. Bonus - come share the piece in our FB group.

Exercise 2: Create something (besides a writing piece). Anything. Draw a picture. Make a vision board on Pinterest. Knit something. Cook a new dish. Create a new dance. Plant a garden. The possibilities are endless (here are 101 ideas if you're really feeling stuck). Feel free to get out of your comfort zone. After you're done, take note of how you feel.

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I am a creative. By: Sarah Hartley

I am a creative.
By: Sarah Hartley

Mia Sutton