Theme: Family


Family. What a loaded word, right? It brings on such complex, varied emotions and can just as easily evoke a smile or a wince. Though there can be anger, grief, worry, or a smorgasbord of other emotions, there's mostly just love. It's the common thread that holds us all together, whether your family is established by blood or choice.

Prompt 1: Write about a memorable family meal. What happened? Who was there? Why does it stick out in your mind?

Prompt 2: Write about the relationship between family and home. Are they one and the same?

Exercise: Fill in the blank: "I remember when I found out the truth about _____." Santa, where babies come from, or Aunt Susie's secret past - whatever it was, write 1,000 words about when you realized families often keep secrets from children and how it felt to discover the truth.

Family Features

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Six Little Letters: A Poem By: Mia Sutton

Six Little Letters: A Poem
By: Mia Sutton

Harvest By: Laci Hoyt

By: Laci Hoyt

Mia Sutton