Theme: Redemption


Each one of us makes choices every day. Those choices can sometimes lead us down a dark path, adrift in a sea of sadness and brokenness. But remember this: None of us are perfect. We all stumble and make mistakes. But there is a light that shines from within us, a flicker of flame illuminating the way toward one more choice: redemption.

Prompt 1: “We can be redeemed only to the extent to which we see ourselves.”  ― Martin Buber | Do you agree or disagree with this quote?

Prompt 2: What is one thing that you have sought (or are seeking) redemption for?

Prompt 3: Find an image that signifies “Redemption” to you, and write on why it does. (Beautiful, free images are available at

Exercise: Write at least 700 words about the relationship (or lack thereof) between shame and redemption.

Redemption Features

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Mia Sutton